Pro Life Speaker on 12/12/19


On December 12 in Mrs. Kidrowski’s room, the HF Fire for Life club hosted a speaker to share her experience with abortion and pro-life work in the Twin-Cities today.

Her name is Kristin Jackson and is currently the president of the board at Alpha Women’s Center. According to their mission statement, “Alpha Women’s Center has existed since 1982 to support women with unintended pregnancies the provision of spiritual, physical, ‚Äčand emotional support.”

Mrs. Jackson started her talk by telling her story about her own abortion and how it has affected her life over the past 30 years. She then spoke on how she became the president of Alpha Women’s Center and the work that they do around the Twin Cities. The organization’s main service is giving free ultrasounds to women who have unexpected pregnancies. They have a mobile ultrasound unit that Mrs. Jackson said every other Saturday travels to the abortion clinic in Minneapolis as an alternative option for women going into the clinic. Although no one yet has walked into the mobile unit from the clinic, in the first six months of 2019, Mrs. Jackson said they have helped over 300 women with the different services they provide. Here is the list of services from their website:

  • Free Pregnancy Testing
  • Free Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds
  • Prenatal Vitamins
  • Information on pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion
  • Life Coaching
  • STD/STI Testing and Treatment
  • Support for your material, emotional and spiritual needs

The HF Fire for Life Club is volunteering to work with Alpha Women’s Center and will help with the upcoming banquet to raise funds for the organization. It will be another way to offer support for a great organization with the shared goals as the Fire for Life Club. We thank Kristin Jackson on behalf of the club and school for allowing us to hear her story and give us options to help with her pro-life tasks in the Twin Cities. We wish her the best in her work as the president of the Alpha Women’s Center.