Could our Future Biofuel Come from Algae?


There is currently a need for a reliable source for renewable energy because if we continue to use the same fossil fuels, then we will be in a major oil deficit. Algae might be the savior for our alternative source of biofuels. The technology is not fully advanced right now, but when it is fully developed it could help tremendously. This could majorly improve our environment, and sustainably supply fuel for cars, planes, and machines.

The fact that we could have fuel that doesn’t hurt our environment, is incredible. During the process of turning algae into fuel, CO2 is released, but then it is absorbed right back. CO2 is one of the major contributors to global warming and is released (but not fully absorbed) when many of our current fuels are being created. The algae can also be grown on wastewater. Having the ability to grow it on something that was thought to be useless, is amazing! We will be able to renew the wastewater and use it for something substantial. Lastly, algae is completely renewable. Being that it is renewable, we would not be stripping the earth of any minerals or important substances. Also given this, we should have an unlimited amount of biofuel, and it comes from a great source!

There are some cons to this though. Currently, scientists do not have all the information needed to fully incorporate algae-based biofuel into the economy. We have come a long way from the past information, but there is still quite a long way to go. Although we can get more biofuel per acre, the actual process of creating biofuel from algae is a lot more expensive. As research becomes more developed, then the process could continue to become cheaper, but at the moment it is cheaper to drill down to get oil. Overall, the current price of creating and collecting the biofuel is exponentially more expensive.

Finding an alternative source of fuel is extremely difficult, and seeing that scientists have come close to finding one is great news! Although there is not enough research yet, (and it could be very expensive) biofuel from algae could be a great alternative. It would help the planet a lot as well, and there would be an unlimited amount of fuel for a multitude of things. All in all, algae being transformed to biofuel could completely change our source of fuel and help the plant whilst doing so.