The FDA Bans Certain Vape Flavors

On January 2nd of this year, the Trump Administration has announced that a ban on certain vape juice flavors will be happening. This ban will be in effect 30 days after January 2nd. Company’s such as Juul Labs will be majorly affected by this. This ban will hit the Juul franchise hard, but it could help prevent future Juul fatalities.

The Federal offices have been struggling to keep vaping under control, especially among teens. This ban prohibits companies from selling e-liquids such as fruit, dessert, and mint flavors. If these companies fail to respond correctly to this ban, they will face regulatory action. This only leaves menthol and tobacco flavored products to sell. There is one type of e-cigarette that will bypass the ban. This e-cigarette is the larger types that need to be manually filled with an e-liquid of their choice. These types of e-cigarettes are usually only sold in an age-restricted shop. Soon people will have more restricted choices for what to buy, and the choices are less interesting to try. Not having the intriguing flavors will leave teens and adults less interested in vaping, and it could hopefully lead to teens to stop vaping altogether.

With the eye-catching Juul flavors out of the way it will hopefully decrease the amount of teens vaping, and the amount of deaths caused by vapes. The amount of teens vaping has dramatically increased, and this ban will make a block in the road for most teens. This ban is leading towards a wider ban to all vaping products, therefore it hopefully leads to fewer fatalities.