Update on Australian Fires


The Australian wildfires have ravaged much of Australia. More than half a billion animals and 24 people have been killed. Over 15.6 million acres and 1.400 homes have been destroyed. (Vox). The thick smoke clouds from the fires have formed their own weather systems that spark more fires. “…they [wildfires] are setting off a series of bizarre phenomena, including fire-driven thunderstorms, fire clouds, and so-called ember attacks” (NBC). Air quality was 11 times the ”hazardous” levels. “Priority today and over the next few days is to turbocharge the recovery process,” New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian tweeted Monday. It rained on Monday which provided some relief to the east coast. The government is also deploying the military to help with evacuation and firefighting. These fires have been burning since late November, but only just recently, received the attention of the media.  


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