Australian Wildfires


The Australian wildfires, which have become increasing worse since September of 2019, are a natural disaster that all people should be aware of.  Animals are dead and dying. People have lost their homes and belongings due to this. Here are some facts about what is happening currently in this country. 


In the past four months, an enormous bush fire has engulfed over 2,300 square miles, killing nearly a billion animals and destroying thousands of Australian citizens’ homes. Despite the horrible tragedy, many heroic people have stood up to lend help and support to not only the people of Australia, but the animals as well. United States firefighters have gone across the world to help relieve the citizens of Australia, and Steve Irwin’s family has tried to rescue many animals, bringing them to the Australian Zoo Wildlife HospitalBy bringing these animals into a sanctuary it gives them a chance to be rehabilitated while living in their natural habitat. Ultimately, these fires are a huge world issue, and should be recognized as such. There are many things anyone can do, such as donate clothes, money, and simple toiletry items to give both the people and animals of Australia the relief they need and deserve.