Creative Writing Poetry

In my Creative Writing Course last semester, I had to write fifteen poems for my final grade. I have always loved writing since I was a little girl. Poetry, creative writing, and writing music have always come very easily to me- quite possibly because I enjoy them all so much. We were given over five different types of poems to write and we were assigned multiple poems for each different type. Below are a few of my favorites that I wrote.


God Built Me A Man


My man is gentle as can be

Like a sun shower in July

He expresses his emotions

He’s not afraid to cry


He knows how to take care of me

He’s sensitive when must

He’s honest and authentic

He’s someone I can trust


I see my children when I look at him

I see a dad I never had

He doesn’t try to hurt me

And hates it when I’m sad


He makes me feel secure

His arms my safest home

I found my missing piece in him

And now I’m not alone




Wait a minute

What is going on?

Wait a minute

Everything feels wrong

Wait another minute

That’s his ringtone for his mom

Hold on another minute while we dance this is our song


Can we stay one more minute?

Some old friends just said hi

I know he hates to leave the party saying no goodbyes

Let’s stay another minute

It’s finally getting late

Too bad he didn’t mean it when he said he wants to date


He might seem like he’s fine or like he’s feeling super great

But there’s war inside his head, it’s full of voices that he hates

Wait another minute since tomorrow will be bad

He refuses to go home tonight, tomorrow he’ll be sad


Let’s wait a little longer

And feel a little less

He likes it how he’s laughing with the weight still on his chest

Cuz when his head is normal

And he can see things clear

He can’t escape his morbid thoughts, they’re all that he can hear


He thinks it might be better if he wasn’t even here

But that boy is my angel and he will not lose to fear.


Depression and Euphoria


Depression is an all time low

Euphoria is an addictive high

Depression is hibernating and trying to breathe

Euphoria lives on cloud nine


Depression questions her worth

Euphoria feels like the best

Depression hates to go out and says no

Euphoria always says yes


Depression loses her friends

Euphoria has new ones each day

Depression must walk through the cold

Euphoria parks in valet



Is It A Me Problem?


No feelings 

No pity

Needs healing

Needs peace


His anger

His baggage

Too much to release


Is it a me problem?

Will I find relief?

I rip at the lies that he tells with my teeth


He’ll never admit he has demons he keeps

Forget what what he tells you, there’s trauma beneath 

The mask that he wears and the lies he repeats

Like telling me that I’m his only.