Val’s Fresh Tunes #4

Sunflower, Vol. 6 – Harry Styles

From Styles’ sophomore album, this song is an upbeat, happy ode to his past relationships.

Treat People With Kindness – Harry Styles

Also from Styles’ Sophomore album, Treat People With Kindness is a positive, fast-tempo song that encourages being kind to people and having a positive outlook on life.

Intoxicated – Pomo, Harrison Brome

Intoxicated is an electric, alternative song about being intoxicated by someone’s love.

Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

Blinding Lights is a darker, electric song that makes you feel inspired and energized.

No Going Back – Yuno

No Going Back has a vibrant tune with lyrics telling the story of not being able to go back and regret it.

Sunlight – Yuno

Sunlight is a happy tune about reassurance.

Mad Love – Mabel

Mad Love is an unapologetic anthem about deserving love.

Slow Burn – Kacey Musgraves

Slow Burn is a slow, country-pop song that will give you all the feels. It’s about enjoying your journey through life no matter how slow it is.

Posthumous Forgiveness – Tame Impala

Posthumous Forgiveness is slow, but a catchy song about forgiveness even after death.

Years – DRAMA 

Years is a song about being there for someone you know and the reassurance that they will reciprocate that feeling.