90’s Rom Coms that can heal any broken heart


Early last fall my sister sent me a heart break box filled with candy, 90’s rom coms and sweet little inspirational notes. I may get stressed and sad but when I watch even one of these movies on this list, I remember that love is out there and I just gotta live my best life. I will be sharing the 90’s rom coms that are very close to my heart, hopefully these can make your day a little more bearable.

10 Things I Hate About You is a witty movie Mosley based on Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. I love this movie because the main protagonist, Kat, is not open to love and she just wants to live her life and go to collage and it is inspiring to see a woman portrayed like that.

My Best Friend’s Wedding starring the lovely Julia Roberts, was the first 90’s rom com that i watched. My sisters and I love this movie due to the amazing soundtrack, famous lines, and unexpected but heart warming ending.

My sister once told me that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks could mend any broken heart, and I can attest to that. You’ve Got Mail movie is a classic rom com with a couple that start as business enemies and end as lovers. This will bring nostalgia when you hear the dial tone of the computer staring up. The cafe scenes and beautiful gardens make this movie hard to forget.

Sleepless in Seattle stars the young, dashing  Tom Hanks as a widowed father who isn’t searching for love, but rather focusing on the relationship with his young son.  But his son not wanting him to be lonely, sends his father on an adventure to find his true love.

Romeo + Juliet directed by Baz Luhrmann is a colorful adaptation of the famous William Shakespeare play that utilizes Shakespearean language but its set in 90’s LA. This movie is full of laughs, love, and heartbreak, would recommend this to anyone who loves young Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes.

If you believe fate and destiny then Serendipity  is the movie for you. This hit starts as any 90’s rom com; a quirky girl roaming New York City bumps into a dreamy guy, in this case John Cusack, and have a magical night filed with laughter and desert. This movie makes you feel like love is possible anywhere, anytime, if you put in enough effort.

I always loved the book store that Hugh Grant’s character owned in Notting Hill and where the famous line, “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy asking him to love her,” was delivered. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant create this captivating story of a travel book store owner and a famous actress have an unexpected meeting and what the future holds for them.

If you like Sandra Bullock and Christmas romance you will love While You Were Sleeping. This movie follows the life of a transit worker Lucy who saves the life of the man she is seemingly in love with and the twists and turns of the aftermath. With Bill Pullman as the co star your bound to swoon over the blossoming romance that takes place under the mistletoe.

“I’ll never let go Jack,” is the most famous line of the beloved film Titanic. Yes, i know this is not a rom com but I love it to much to leave it out of the 90’s romantic movie list. Once again young Leo makes it on this list but this time as Jack Dawson, the wandering artist who takes the heart of wealthy, engaged Rose Dewitt Bukater. The whirlwind of events that follower their first encounter will leave you teary eyed and wishing you hadn’t watched this movie. But alas, it is a classic and worth a watch.