Catholic Schools Week 2020

I have been attending Catholic schools since I was in kindergarten and I recently just realized why Catholic schools are so important. It’s because it is a safe place to learn about and worship God while simultaniously learning the depth of each class we take. We learn that God’s hand is in every subject we learn. Catholic schools show me how to be the best person i can be inside and outside the class room. So every year we dedicate the last week in January to appreciating our catholic schools. At HFCHS each day we wear a different theme and learn something new at convo.

Monday was groutfit day. A day where we can leave the worry of looking crisp in our uniform out the door because Mondays are for being comfy.

Tuesday was the day were you could show off your denim! You could walk around school and see students rocking jeans and a denim jacket. During convo we listened to Ms. Podergois and Ms. Smith talk about how much they love HFCHS and why its such a good school, and I agree with them!

Wednesday was the day to show off your patriotism for our country. You could walk around school that day and see a sea of red, white and blue. During convo we played a game of Heads and Tails. Mitchell Tracy was the winner and received a huge bag of candy.

Thursday was all school mass day and because we wanted to look the best for God, we wore the best uniform we had. It was a very respectful mass and Farther Gjengdahl gave a moving homely paralleling the story of the Road to Emmaus and our catholic education.

Friday was school spirit day, a fitting way to end Catholic schools week. In spirit day we wear our club, sports or HF merch to show our fire for our school. Convo was my favorite convo we’ve had. Senior boys and their freshman brothers played a game of “Are You Smarter Than a Ninth Grader,” where they had to answer questions from a ninth grade I.S. exam. After that, some seniors dressed up like their favorite teachers and told them how grateful they are for what they have taught them inside and outside the classroom. And finally, the best part of convo, the teacher vs. students doge ball. Unfortunately, the teachers did win but I have hope that the students will be able to crush them next year.

Overall, this catholic schools week was a 20/20. With the fun and educating convos, to the exciting dress up days, this catholic schools week is one for the books.