Recent Record Temperature in Antarctica


About three weeks ago, on February 6, 2020, a weather station documented a record-breaking high temperature of 18.3(64.9F) degrees Celsius. Now, this wouldn’t have been a very large problem, if it hadn’t been in Antarctica. This is extremely concerning because Antarctica is supposed to be the coldest place in the world, right? This temperature was recorded during a heat wave that lasted for nearly a week, and recently NASA has released a before and after picture (featured above). Large amounts of an ice cap on Eagle Island, which is located off the coast of Antarctica, have melted completely. These high temperatures are abnormal in Antarctica and should be extremely worrisome to all as it not only hurts the biodiversity of the continent but reveal how frequent events such as these have become. People should become more aware of their actions as time progresses and we start to see the true impacts of climate change and the impact humans have on environments outside of their own. This news should be more widely spread than it has been recently as it is important to our generation to care for our planet, but to do so we have to be aware of the current events.