Fun things to do while your quarantined at home


Being quarantined can be boring. You can get claustrophobic or sad easily when you don’t have a schedule or structure to your day. So I created this list of fun things to do when your bored and want to do something with your time.

Binge new TV shows- There are so many new TV shows to obsess over with your friends or family. The best feeling is when you find a good show and nose dive into it.

Paint or draw- Picking up a new hobby is always so exciting and painting and drawing are perfect ways to express your emotions or thoughts.

Read- Reading can take you to extraordinary places and teach you life lessons. You can browse you parents book shelf and find something new and interesting to learn about and read

Do research- If your a curious person and love to learn and this is a great time to be able to explore and expand our knowledge on subjects your interested in.

Clean out your closet- There are so many consignment stores that you can support by donating our gently used clothes that you don’t wear. You can also support consignment stores by buying clothes from there and keeping clothes out of the landfill.

Writing- Just like painting or drawing, writing can also express your emotions in any way you want. You can create whole worlds with just your pen and paper.

Walking- I know this sounds boring to some people but you can see all the beauty the God created for us. It is also very refreshing to get outside after a day of being quarantined.

Cooking/baking- Since we have so much free time on our hands we can learn how to do things we always wanted to learn. Looking up recipes on the internet or Pintrest also gets your mind off of the fact your out of school and have time on your hands.

Speaking of hands, wash them, stay healthy, get rest!