CoVID-19 (Coronavirus) Quarantine Pass-times

There are many uncertainties about the future of the country while we face the coronavirus pandemic. The stock market is fluctuating out of control, the number of cases rises sharply every day, and people find themselves more confined to their homes as days go by. What we can do is keep a positive attitude on the outlook of the country and our own affairs, use the added time on our hands to learn new skills or habits, and spend time with family. Here is a list of 5 pass-times that can be utilized during this outbreak.

Prayer: Get in the habit of morning or nightly prayer especially for those affected by the virus, whether that be economically, socially, or those infected. Praying with family is a good way to grow closer and keep each other honest about their own time set aside for prayer.

Board Games: Open up the old board games on the shelf and have a family game night. They are a great after-dinner way of entertainment to spend quality time with each other and also sharpen the mind when it comes to games like scrabble, scattergories, chess, or risk.

Exercise: The closing of gyms and online school does not mean that exercise can be put on hold. It is especially important at a time when you are indoors not doing much else. If you don’t have an indoor gym or treadmill at your house, create a spread-sheet of little exercises like pushups and sit-ups that can be done daily, or take a walk or run around the block to stay in shape.

Reading: No time could be better to pick up a good book with the topic you are most interested in. Reading can improve brain function while also being a good source of gaining knowledge and entertainment. Order a book online or if a local book store is open, browse for certain genres that might interest you.

Cooking: It also happens to be a good time to improve or start the habit of making good home-cooked meals. No lunches at school for kids and no school sports means everyone will be together to be the judge of your cooking every day. Explore healthy options online to see how diet can also be improved and continued after the virus has subsided.