Things To Do While You Self Quarantine For Conronavirus

As many of us know, coronavirus is getting more serious by the day. It is important that we all take care of ourselves and each other at this time. For many, this may feel like a scary and anxious period of time, and for some, this time may feel boring and lonely. Here are a few ideas to keep you busy while staying inside and remaining healthy:

  • Bake! Try a new banana bread recipe.
  • Clean! Throw out any old skin products, empty perfume bottles, old papers, broken chargers, etc.
  • Redesign the space around you! There is no better way to refresh your headspace than to move around bedroom furniture, print out quotes or images for your walls, change your bedding, etc.
  • Create! Write a poem, paint a picture, color, write a song. Make art.
  • Dance! Put on an old song you forgot about, and remember how much you once loved it.
  • Organize! Clean your junk drawer. Sort out your closet. Put the clothes you will never wear again into a bag to donate to charity once this is all over.
  • Self reflect! Journal about 2020 and what you have accomplished. What will you accomplish? How do you feel?
  • Meditate! Listen to a guided meditation and relax. This may be a time you find you need it most.
  • Learn! Download DuoLingo and try to learn a new language.

Stay home to protect yourself and those you love. Wash your hands. Take care of yourself. This will all pass. For now, take this time as an opportunity to do something new and grow.