This Will All Pass

In times of fear, destruction, and disease it is hard to see a light at the end of the dark tunnel. What many will realize, is that often, in life, there come times when you must light the tunnel yourself. In these times of confusion and loneliness, we heal. We meet sides of ourselves we never knew existed. Some of us cry. Some of us laugh. Some of us finally get the full night of sleep that our bodies have needed. Some of us create. Some of us call our friends. Some of us realize how much we enjoy having a person’s company around us because we finally realize what it feels like to miss it. Some of us do puzzles. Some of us light candles and meditate. Some of us turn on the news for the first time in awhile. Some of us decide that when this all blows over, we are going to start walking around our neighborhoods again. When this has all passed; when the fear and disease is finally gone; we will make new choices. We will grieve our losses. We will come together as one. We will shake hands in a different way. We will kiss like never before. We will embrace each other when we get the chance, because we finally understand what it feels like to not be able to. The chirping of birds will sound different, and waiting behind a school bus that has stopped to pickup children will no longer feel like an inconvenience on our way to work. We will think differently, because through the worst, has come great appreciation for all that we once took for granted.