Disney’s Onward


Note: Disney’s Onward was released into theaters on March 6 of this year, but failed in the box office due to the pandemic (COVID-19). So, Disney moved its digital and DVD release to April 4. It is now on-demand and on Disney Plus.

Onward is Pixar’s 22nd movie. It follows Ian and Barley Lightfoot, two elf brothers that live with their elf mom, Laurel, and centaur step-dad, Colt, in New Mushroomton. On Ian’s birthday, their mother gives Ian and Barley a gift from their late father, Wilden. Through this, they learn that their father was a wizard and that he has created a spell to let them see him one last time. However, the spell malfunctions, and in order to complete it, the brothers must find another phoenix gem. So, Ian and Barley take Barley’s van, Guinevere, to find it. On the way, they run in to the Manticore, a motor cycle gang of pixies, and the police.

I think this story is important for younger audiences, as it discusses grieving loss, loss of a parent, learning to love a step-parent, bonds between siblings, and understanding personal identity. It also features the first openly LGBTQ character.

The next movie from Pixar is set to release in June of 2020. Soul stars Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey in a story about Joe Gardner, a jazz enthusiast who suddenly dies and is forced to learn more about his soul before inhabiting a new body on earth.

I cannot wait to see what challenging topics Pixar covers in this story.

In the meantime, I recommend watching The Incredibles and Coco to help remind you of the importance of family and Wall-E to educate yourself on why staying inside is actually helping our environment.