Dear Senior Year: An Open Letter

Dear Senior Year,

I am going to miss you.  I do not know if I will ever feel truly ready to leave you.  Holy Family is a second home to me.  It is the place where I have made countless memories with family, friends, teachers, and staff the past four years of my life.

Truth be told, there are too many fond memories for me to try to even attempt to recite and put into words, and for that, I am truly blessed.   I am really going to miss hearing my name called by Mr. Bosch at basketball games, chatting with Ms. Boerboom in the info center, engaging in philosophical discussions with Mr. Schlepp, developing analytical and critical thinking skills with Ms. Swanson, listening to music after school with Mr. Leverentz, hosting Latin Club in Mr. Dueck’s room, enjoying Mr. Kannel’s baked treats at Math League, and venturing into the world of The Lord of the Rings with Dr. McInerny.

I have learned so much over my four years–humility, integrity, and scholarship, just to name a few.  Holy Family taught me to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, whether or not I knew it at the time.  I learned to appreciate new perspectives, read and analyze novels belonging to all different time periods and eras, and face my fears.

I will never forget the countless school dances, plays, sports games, or endless traditions–whether it is attending mass with my fellow classmates and teachers, Coffee House, Thanksgiving Dinner, Service Day, Christmas Convo, Grandparents Day, or Senior Lunches with Mr. Brennan–I loved them all.

To me, Holy Family would not be what it is today without the people who make up its four walls.  I will never forget being welcomed into Holy Family with open arms and upperclassman waving to me in the halls when I was just a freshman trying to find my way.  I will never forget the dedicated teachers who stayed after school with me for countless hours to provide me the help I needed.  I will never forget going to lunch everyday and being greeted by a smiling Chef Bob, who was always happy to give me extra helpings of the daily special.  I will never forget sharing countless laughs in the cafeteria with teachers and friends, volunteering at Feed My Starving Children and FurniShare, and celebrating life’s victories together.

While senior year may not be what I expected in many ways, it was almost everything I could have ever asked for.  I am so grateful to have been apart of the Class of 2020 and belong to a school with so many talented students, teachers, and staff.  I am looking forward to the day I will be able to call myself a Holy Family alum and come back to see my friends, former teachers, and other staff members once again.

Farewell senior year, I dearly loved you.  I would not trade being able to share this precious year with my family, friends, classmates, teachers, and staff for anything.  You have become my family.  I am forever grateful for the dreams that you made come true, the memories we have shared, and the friends I have made.  I am so glad I had the chance to do almost everything with you one last time.  You will be missed.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts,

Abbey Fink