“Dear Phoenix, How do I stay Motivated?”

Dear Phoenix, How do I stay Motivated?

With Covid-19 the media is always buzzing, parents have to worry about jobs, people are getting sick, everyone seems to be on edge… the list goes on and on. All these stressors keep developing and we are stuck at home. It starts making people feel like they are “useless” and they start losing intrest in things. People have become unmotivated. BUT YOU HAVE A PURPOSE.¬†Here are some tips to help remind you how important you are.

1. Follow positive media influencers

Lets be real- With social media we can easily get lost in comparing ourselves and wishing we were better than who we are. We forget that social media can be really positive, but we have to surround ourselves with positive people. Here are some great Instagram influencers, @barry_happy  @morganharpernichols @dailydose @justgirlproject @colormecourtney @jimkwik

2. Remind yourself who you are

What makes you who you are? The way your eyes crinkle up when you smile, your favorite soda, that song that always makes you dance, or that one oversized t-shirt you love! Make a list and tape it to your bathroom mirror or put post it notes in random areas to remind yourself how amazing you are.

3. Research things you are curious about

When you are unmotivated you don’t want to do anything. But you are still a person who has intrests. Try your best and look up something you are curious about. It can be anything from cactus farmers to the Bermuda triangle. Once you find a spark of interest you might feel like doing something with your new knowledge!

4. Form small goals with rewards

Somedays getting out of bed can feel like running a marathon. So form small goals for yourself! Not only get out of bed, but make the bed. If you do both of these things reward yourself with a piece of chocolate. Continue through the day with small goals in mind with mini rewards.

5. Call someone you love

We all love texting and all probably would rather text than call. But when you don’t get to see people regularly its very important you call. It feels so much nicer when you hear someone’s voice than just reading a message on a screen. Or better yet, Facetime someone! People love you and want to hear from you, if you believe it or not.