Buzzfeed Unsolved Review


Do you like true crime and haunting stories? Do you enjoy watching something that is simultaneously interesting and funny? Well I have the show for you! Buzzfeed Unsolved is one of my favorite shows because I love murder mysteries and the paranormal. Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are the hosts who’s personalities and humor perfectly complement each other and never fail to make their fans laugh.

There are six seasons in total and both have true crime and supernatural episodes. My favorite are the true crime episodes because I have always been a fan of the true crime genre. During the episodes, Ryan reads about the crime that occurred and the backstory behind it, then he says his famous catchphrase, “Lets get into the theories.” Then Shane and Ryan dive deep into all of the theories that surround this mystery. The best thing about this show is the banter between the hosts. I love how they crack jokes and lessen the tension that you may feel during the episode.

The Ghoul Boys, as the hosts have affectionately named themselves, often go on road trips to paranormal places and try to find the answer to the question; are ghosts real? These episodes are always a blast to watch because you get to see the Ghoul Boys explore and adventure the paranormal side of the United States. The Boys have investigated places like the Island of Dolls in Mexico, the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California and even the Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut where the Annabell doll is. Ryan and Shane walk around these haunted places searching for any trace of paranormal activity, and along the way they always cause havoc which is always fun to watch. I love watching or even just listening to this show when I’m cleaning or painting or just want to laugh.