Top 5 Tips to Beat the Coronavirus Blues

Tip #1: Stay Active

Go out for a 30 minute walk and take in the fresh air.  Exercise is a great way to blow off steam, maintain fitness levels, and enjoy nature.  Switching up your walking or running path is a fantastic way to keep exercise from getting repetitive, and for those days when you want to do something entirely different, try biking or hopping online to find basic exercise routines you can do with objects you have at your house.

Tip #2: Watch a Movie

Take advantage of having family members at home by doing a family movie night.  2019 was a truly exceptional year for movies, seeing the releases of a wide variety of movies.  Top picks from the year include Ford v Ferrari, Knives Out, and Little Women, all of which are rated PG-13 or PG.

Tip #3: Connect with Others

Doing something as simple as sending your grandparents a text to let them know you are thinking about them can make a profound impact on their day.  Social media is a wonderful tool for you to stay connected with family members and friends, and apps such as FaceTime and Zoom can allow you interact with family and friends in a safe manner.

Tip #4: Try New Things

Take this time to learn new things and be adventurous.  Try out a new recipe you have never made before.  Maybe you find that you have a love for running, biking, or another outdoor activity that you have never explored.

Tip #5: Meditate, Journal, or Read a Book

Meditating once everyday is one way you can get away from the hustle and bustle of a day’s work to reflect and relax.  Journaling is another way you can focus yourself, set goals, and monitor your progress.  There is nothing better than reading a great book that you cannot seem to put down.  Books are a great source of entertainment and help expand one’s mind.