John Krasinski’s Some Good News


John Krasinski is an American actor most widely known for his role as Jim in “The Office” and Jack Ryan in the Amazon original “Jack Ryan”. In light of the Corona virus outbreak, he decided to create a youtube channel called “Some Good News” or “SGN”. On this channel, he posts a weekly video filled with good things that are happening around the world. His attempt is to contrast the horrible things happening in the world and give a slimmer of hope to everyone that it won’t be like this forever. Along with announcing all the good news, he creates a theme for the video to help people enjoy things they otherwise would’ve missed. For example, he has held a “prom” and a “graduation”.

It is easy to get caught up in the news surrounding Covid-19 and fall into a hole of negative thinking. Sometimes we can forget that people are still doing good and that positive things are still happening. This channel helps people forget about the negatives of the world for 20 minutes and think about all the good that is still going on around us. If you haven’t watched SGN yet, I strongly recommend watching all of the videos he has created and staying current with his new videos. It is important that we stay positive in a time like this and I think John Krasinski and SGN are helping us do this.