“Dear Phoenix, What Activities can I do During Quarantine?”

Dear Phoenix, What Activities can I do During Quarantine?

While being stuck inside the house we often end up in our own cycle and get bored very easily. It can be very difficult to come up with new ideas. Here are a bunch of activities you can try for the next time you feel stuck!

  1. Make homade playdough
  2. Call your grandparents
  3. Plant something
  4. Send a letter to your friend
  5. Go for a run
  6. Dress up your dog
  7. Play a game from your childhood
  8. Look through old photo albums
  9. Write a blackout poem
  10. Nerf guns: Siblings against parents
  11. Write positive messages with sidewalk chalk on neighbors driveways
  12. Meditate
  13. Turn up the music and dance
  14. Try yoga
  15. Text others honest compliments
  16.  Paint something
  17.  Watch youtube videos in other languages (see if you can figure out what they say)
  18.  Scrapbook
  19.  Learn to make your own beats/music: Look up Soundtrap, Bandlab, or GarageBand
  20.  Break glowsticks and put them in bubbles… now you have glow in the dark bubbles
  21. Teach a pet a new trick
  22.  Have a picnic
  23.  Make dinner and surprise your parents
  24.  Camp in your backyard
  25. Go fishing
  26. Paint your nails
  27. Sew and donate facemasks
  28. Rearrange your room
  29. Have a photoshoot
  30.  Try rollerblading

I hope you found something new and entertaining to try!