“Dear Phoenix, What is Self Love and How do I use it?”

Dear Phoenix, What is Self Love and How do I use it?

Self love is a term you may have heard on Instagram, in the media, conversation, or in magazines. If you ever wondered what self love is and how to use it keep on reading.

The definition of Self-love varies from person to person. Here is the dictionary definition for you.

Self-love: Regard for one’s own well being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).

To break it down: self-love is accepting yourself for your actions, your best parts, your faults, and your growth while loving who you are. Self-love is vital and is NOT selfish. You still care about others but you also care about your own worth. So how do I start self-love?

There are no real “steps” to self-love. It is a process and journey that takes a different amount of time and effort for each person. To practice forms of self-love I have a variety of things for you to try:
1. Unfollow negative social media accounts
2. Surround yourself with people you love in real life and online
3. Start talking positively to yourself (check out body image article for more tips with this)
4. Don’t be ashamed to say no to people or events
5. Do little activities that you love
6. Be moving: walk a dog, ride a bike, yoga, ect.
7. Challenge yourself to try nerve wracking things: realize how strong you truly are
8. Take time to deeply think/meditate/pray
9. Say affirmations to yourself
10. Discover more about yourself through online quizzes, reaching family history, recognizing behavior patterns, ect.
These are all just little starter tips to find your version of self love. You will know when you love yourself and you will have a deep appreciation for who you are. Remember this growth will take time, so allow yourself to be patient and focused. You are unstoppable and will do this!