Places In Minnesota To Visit Over The Summer

With quarantine officially coming to an end, many of us are dying to get out of our houses and enjoy the nice, summer weather. Here are a few places to visit in Minnesota that will provide you with a new adventure and possibly bring you somewhere new in state.

  1. Lake Itasca: Lake Itasca can be found in Clearwater County and it is popular for its boaters and beautiful wish. Near it you can find Itasca State Park, the oldest state park in Minnesota.
  2. Minnehaha Falls: This is one of the most accessible waterfalls in Minnesota located near Fort Snelling.
  3. Stone Arch Bridge: The Stone Arch Bridge is located in Minneapolis and it is the only bridge of its kind to cross the Mississippi River.
  4. Goosberry Falls State Park: This state park is found on the North Shore of Lake Superior and located near Duluth.
  5. Lake Superior: This lake is so huge that it could contain all of the other Great Lakes and it is known for its great fishing.