How to Better your Music Taste


Trying to find new music can be a big struggle, especially when you are sick of hearing that same playlist over and over again. It takes time to fully broaden your music taste and playlist, but with these tips I can help you get started with it!

1. Listen to your friends’ playlists

Listening to music that is not your own is great to figure out what you like and don’t like. By doing this you are finding music from around this time period and what is currently relevant. And by doing this, it is a great way for you and your friend to bond over music!

2. Listen to a playlist opposite of your current music taste

Hearing music that is the complete opposite of your taste can be very difficult, but it is crucial when finding out what exactly you look for in a song. When listening, try and pick out what you really don’t like, but also be open to liking it! You may surprise yourself and find that you actually really like that type of music!

3. Listen to older music

Listening to older music can help a lot to find what type of music you really like. Music from the past tends to only fit one category, unlike today when there are too many to count. Listen to the top 5 songs from the past 30-40 years and you will find that there is a lot of music that you like, and it definitely broadens your horizons.

4. Constantly have music playing

When you have music playing all the time you tend to find what you like and don’t like. Try turning on the radio or a random playlist while you are doing mundane things like cleaning or doing homework. Write down all the songs that you enjoyed and later compile that into your playlists!

5. Explore all genres

By listening to all genres you can find that you enjoy a certain type of music that you didn’t expect! On Spotify they have curated playlists for each genre, so listen to those and add the songs that you like to your playlist. If you do not have Spotify, youtube also has a lot of playlists where you can listen to every genre.

To conclude, broadening your music taste comes with time, and your taste will change often. Continue to go outside your comfort zone with music and I am sure that you will be surprised with what you find you like. I hope these tips help!