Transfer Students at Holy Family

This year, many students have transferred to Holy Family from different schools. In an interview with Mr. Breimhorst and Mrs. Miller, they said that prior to COVID-19, we already had a large number of students looking to enroll at Holy Family. This year there are 147 freshman, 16 new sophomores, 8 new juniors, and 3 new seniors. This is the largest number of transfer students since 2008. The overall school size is the biggest since 2017 and the school grew by 20% this year.

The need for more classes in order to accommodate the new students and allow for social distancing, caused the school to be short staffed. To solve this problem, Holy Family hired several new teachers, which allowed the teachers to manage their busy schedules. The teachers have done a great job making sure everyone is getting a good education, whether online or in person. So be sure to show appreciation to our awesome teachers!