New Choir Teacher – Mr. Barker

As we transition into the 2020 school year, we welcome a new choir teacher, Mr. Baker, to Holy Family. He came to Holy Family from St. Joesph in Waconia. Here is an interview to help you get to know him better.

  • What made you interested in becoming a choir teacher?

“I have been in choir since I was in fourth grade.  When I was in choir I had great musical experiences that added to my life spiritually, physically, and emotionally and I would want to give that gift to others.”

  • What made you decide to come to Holy Family?

“I have been a big believer in catholic education. My best choir experiences were in high school, so I would want to share my experience with this group of kids here.”

  • How will concerts look this year?

“Concerts information right now is to be determined.”

  • What kind of music can we be expecting this year?

“We can expecting sacred music, non scared music, western music, upbeat music, reflection music, and jazz music. Also some music that would fit the students interests.”

  • If you weren’t a teacher what would you be doing?

“I would be directing music at a church or working with theater companies.”

  • What is one thing you are looking forward to this year?

“Hopefully the pandemic being over and being able to celebrate all together again.”

  • What would be your favorite piece of music and why?

“The kind of music I make with my wife because my wife is also a music teacher.”

Mr. Baker’s first event with Holy Family is coffee house on October 23rd.