What Happens Behind the Scenes of a Mask Break at Holy Family?

What exactly does a “mask break” consists of  during an average school day at Holy Family? Well, mask breaks are the 5 minute period of each 90 minute class where students can use the restroom, fill up water bottles, go outside and take their masks off, and do whatever one needs to within these 5 minutes. Students get the privilege to take a short mental break from class while getting to socialize with peers – social distancing rules to still apply (obviously!). Many students enjoy this privilege and look forward to the half-way point of class, knowing they get to feel without restriction – even for a brief 5 minutes.

Although the main objective the for these breaks is a rest for students, teachers/staff do indeed receive these “breaks” as well.  After asking a few individuals what their stance is on these highly appreciated breaks, students primarily described how they enjoy going outside and taking their mask off the most, especially since they can socialize and meet with their friends. Others appreciated the opportunity to not have to pay attention to school for 5 minutes. Some added that they enjoy going on social media and checking their devices.

Mrs. Kocon, English teacher, answered a few questions on her perspective of mask breaks. First, we asked her for one thing she likes about mask breaks and one thing she dislikes about mask breaks. She explained how she liked getting to take her mask off and catch a quick breath of fresh air, or the fact that she can see people’s faces and socialize. On the other hand, she said she dislikes how sometimes it is cold and students might not want to go outside. When asked about mask breaks as a whole, she said that she would like to add wind barriers; make spaces that have wind protection so it is less chilly.

Mask breaks have become an essential part of each class. Yet another way Holy Family is adapting to these uncertain times.