A Different Look For Clay Class

Sophia Schlegel ’24 creating a project in clay class

Students at Holy Family are offered to take clay class for an art credit. There are many different levels a student can go up to in order to advance their skills in the class. However, it looks a little different this year due to the virus and the inability to share materials. From using an extruder to a slab roller to the clay itself; it has become a challenge to avoid sharing tools. In order to allow clay class to still happen, students are required to buy their own personal materials. The teacher, Dr. Gamble, divides the clay the school receives among the students to avoid the exchanging of germs. However, there are only so many materials that can be individually distributed. Students have access to slab roller and an extruder: a slab roller is a machine that allows clay to be flattened to perfection and an extruder is a machine that makes coils, which are round pieces of clay that are used to make detailed designs on clay projects. These are both big machines that students are required to share for the class. Students clean their own areas after their class period and Dr. Gamble cleans all the shared materials after all the classes in the day to maintain cleanliness among the students. If you are interested in or signed up for clay for the next semester, Dr. Gamble is working hard to provide a safe and fun environment for students.