The End of the Quarter and Upcoming Events

The end of the quarter was Friday, October 23. It is hard to believe that we have made it in-person all the way through a full quarter. As the end of the first quarter of the school year comes to an end, we must remember some things.

Quarter One Grading

At Holy Family, your quarter grade is worth 40% of your overall semester grade.  So, it is important that you try your hardest to receive the grade you want. If you are not happy with your quarter grade, you should turn in any missing work and talk to your teachers and see if there is any extra work you can do or quizzes/tests that you can make up. Holy Family is fortunate enough to have teachers that are always rooting for you to succeed.

Quarter One and COVID-19

Holy Family students are lucky to have been able to attend school in person this quarter. We are one of a few schools in Minnesota that started the school year in person (following COVID-19 guidelines of course). A normal school day has looked very different this year, but most students are just happy to be back in person instead of online. However, we must remember to thank our teachers, because this year they are doing twice the work (they must teach both in-person and online). Mr. Dueck says, “I prefer in-person school, however, when I’m teaching in person and there are people online, it is very difficult to keep track of.”

Upcoming events in Quarter  Two

It has been an exciting quarter filled with sports, clubs, and new classes; yet there are many exciting things happening in quarter two as well. With the newly added football and volleyball seasons, quarter two will be filled with many sports. Winter sports seasons, including Nordic skiing, basketball, and hockey are starting soon too. This winter, sports teams will need more support than ever, even if that means from a distance! Along with sports, the first Coffee House is coming up. It is currently set to occur on Friday, October 30th in the Holy Family gym. Everyone should come and cheer on their friends and classmates that are performing at Coffee House!