May Term: What You Need to Know


Ms. MacDonald will be teaching plein air painting.

May-Term is a nine-day special program at the end of the school year where students have the ability to take 4 different courses of their liking. There are tons of different courses with so many new opportunities. 

One of the reasons why HF faculty decided to do May Term was because many students have talked about how Holy Family doesn’t have many opportunities for electives. Being a college-prep school, having the chance to branch out to try and explore classes was no doubt the way to go. Mr. Dols said, “We wanted to give our students the ability to do some discovery on things they would love to do and be really interested in.”  Ms. Diggins and Mr. Dols are actually teaching a class called the Pursuit of Happiness, which is about the choice of happiness and lessons on happiness. Many teachers haven’t been able to cover as much material due to the pandemic, so there will be many deep dives into academic subjects that many students can advance in. Not only are there academic classes, but there are other classes on sports, arts, theater, music, and more. A few class options are film appreciation, the world of pro sports, plein air painting, comic book creations, bioethics, investing in the stock market, and so many more. 

Now with the school year being in person, we hope to see a successful May Term. This program is a good way to have a better outlook on the end of the school year, hoping to end it on a good note. Be sure to be on the lookout for more information on the Holy Family website!