What’s New With Winter Sports?

Every winter sport is able to play this year, but there are many rules and precautions to ensure safety. A new rule implemented is wearing masks at all times, including during games and practices. Another new change is spectators; at certain events only 2 spectators per athlete are allowed. Tickets must be purchased beforehand to attend all events, but most games and meets are live streamed to the public.

Girls Hockey completed their new locker room this season, but they are required to meet and change at Holy Family High School before all games. Dance Team also has similar rules to follow before competitions that require warm up and marking to be done at Holy Family High School prior to leaving for the competition.

All of these guidelines are implemented to favor the health of the students both physically and mentally. A quote from Minnesota State High School League Executive Director Erich Martens says, “The League appreciates the hard work of Governor Walz and state departments in recognizing the significance and importance of these activities and athletics for our students. Through participation in League activities and athletics, our students have enhanced physical and mental health and well-being. And, when they participate under the leadership and mentorship of League-trained and certified coaches and directors,  League provided protocols and guidance, they can enjoy the safest possible experiences” .

While our state leaders are working hard for students to be able to have a successful season; it is up to Holy Family sports to follow these rules and precautions to ensure the full length of the season. Click the here to see the Minnesota Covid-19 Sports Practice and Games Guidance for Youth and Adults.