Meaningful Service

Kenzie Pavelka, Shakopee Leo Club Charter Member

Getting involved in our community through volunteering is not only great for college applications, but is also great for preparing students to become helpful members of society. Volunteering is a great way to make a change in your life and community.

For example, I lector at the Parish of Saints Joachim and Anne and I have done this for four years. I not only get to be an active participant in the celebration of the Eucharist but I also get to help the Church to spread the gospel message. 

Kenzie Pavelka, a junior here at Holy Family, is a charter member for the Shakopee Leo Club. She says they “attend meetings to plan volunteer activities, such as planting trees, collecting eyeglasses, and making tie blankets for hospitals in order to better our community. The goal, of course, is to eventually join the Lions Club and become a permanent member of the volunteer community.” Through this, she and her club can provide aid to organizations that need 20-30 volunteers at a time.  

HF senior Collin Nawrocki also volunteers with his parish. He helps by live-streaming all of the Sunday Masses at the Parish of Saints Joachim and Anne for parishioners unable to attend mass due to COVID-19. He volunteers because “being able to provide a realistic mass experience to people who have been impacted by the pandemic is something that brings me joy and pushes me to continue to improve our stream and produce the most ‘mass-realistic’ experience possible.” 

So, whether you choose to help with big things or small, try to find something that you feel passionate about and stick with it! Volunteering is a blast when you are doing something you love to do.