No School on Wednesdays

This year Holy Family made the decision to cancel classes on Wednesdays. Teachers offer office hours every morning until 11:30 and the rest of the day is spent cleaning the building. Of course there will always be students who love the idea of not having class but there are still a many who miss the old schedule.

In an interview with Holy Family student, Noelle Trombley, she discusses why she is not in favor of the schedule change. She explains how this new schedule creates an irregular weekly routine by throwing off her “Monday through Friday routine.” She says it’s harder to maintain a consistent homework and sleep schedule. She also thinks it diminishes her motivation academically Tuesday night.

Other students like Bennett Roseth appreciate having Wednesdays off. Bennett sees the schedule change as an opportunity to “chill out” and not do school work. He describes how he pushes through homework on Tuesday nights, which allows him to sleep in and not have to worry about any due dates or academic responsibilities on Wednesdays. He always feels that having Wednesdays off give him the chance to mentally and physically prepare for the rest of the week.

Even though school is not in attendance on Wednesdays, there are still activities that go on throughout the building. For example: teacher office hours, service work and, once, llamas even visited Holy Family, saying hello to anyone present.