Freshman and Junior Ambassador BTCs

Freshman with their Junior Ambassadors in the Admissions Office

With this year being as crazy as it is, Katie Miller, the Admissions Associate at Holy Family, says, “Covid threw in some extra obstacles for [the freshman] to overcome which made it more difficult for some to make connections [with their classmates]. The junior ambassador/freshmen BTCs create opportunities for freshmen to get to know others in their grade and develop a stronger relationship with upperclassmen who they can reach out to for help and advice when needed.”

There are thirty-seven junior ambassadors helping with this program and eighteen who have volunteered to plan future events. These BTCs involve trivia, Kahoots, and getting to interact with a group the freshman may not have known before. Freshman Catherine Dueck says, “I like the BTCs because it’s fun to talk to the upperclassmen and get to talk to different people from my grade. The games are fun too!” The hope is that as the weather warms up, the ambassadors will be able to move these days outside and maybe get to take off masks so the freshman can have face-to-face interactions. These activities are just one way that Holy Family is attempting to make the school feel more like a family. After talking to freshmen and juniors alike, I would say this goal is being accomplished!