Sneak Peek: Holy Family Prom 2021


This year for Holy Family’s Prom of 2021 comes some slight changes in the book. With not having a prom last year, Holy Family wanted to provide a covid-friendly, safe, and enjoyable night for our students. Gracefully, students are given the opportunity to share a meal and dance at Hazeltine National Golf Club located in Chaska, Minnesota. These changes consist of minor alterations, ranging from the number of people at a dinner table all the way to masks while dancing! In addition to this is the expectation that, with only allowing Holy Family juniors, seniors, and students from other schools if chosen, there is a higher chance of social distancing allowed.

To look furthermore into this years prom, Student Council member Lauren Taylor shared a sneak peek on what to expect. For social distancing purposes, there will be ten people set per table, no grand march, and again, masks while dancing without any underclassmen having the ability to attend. Fortunately, our DJ will make it a night to bust-a-move, as many students are looking forward to it!

Tickets were sold for $75 from May 3rd until May 7th. There will be two food choices between chicken or a vegetarian option, later followed by three dessert options as well. Regardless of Covid-19 causing a switch-up on us here at Holy Family, it is still a pleasure to host a night to be remembered. And of course, Wash your hands, Wear your mask, and Watch your distance!