Holy Family Boys’ Soccer Traditions

Holy Family boys’ soccer has some important team traditions every game. These traditions are simple yet crucial for all the players on the team to observe and the seniors pass them on to the next team year to year. The first tradition is singing “Bright Lights Bigger City” from the movie Pitch Perfect on the bus to away games. Singing this song helps with bonding and strengthening the team’s chemistry before games.  I spoke to one of the soccer captains, Charlie Ficek, before one of his games and this is what he shared, “We sing the song “Treble Finals: Bright Lights Bigger City” on the bus before every away game. This has been a pregame ritual for the last 3 years. It’s an initiation to get the freshmen to learn the lyrics to the song. It brings us closer as a team and we get to hear the vocals and choose the best singers on the team. The song has a solo piece that sounds phenomenal when sung by yours truly”.

 Another tradition boys soccer players have is saying a pregame prayer in the huddle right before the referee blows his whistle to start the game. This year Charlie Ficek is the leader of the prayer and always motivates the players along with blessing his teammates to keep them safe during the game. I once again got the chance to speak to Mr. Ficek about how important praying before the game is. Here’s what he said: “I feel that it’s important to start every game with prayer because of how important it is to our lives. We huddle up, and give the game to God so that His will may be done, and although we go into the game in order to win, starting with prayer reveals that it’s about much more than that.”

Traditions in sports help teams grow closer and intensify their connection which improves their performance on the field. Holy Family boys hope these traditions help propel the team to a winning season.