One Sentence, Go!

One Sentence, Go!

What would you say to the world if you could only use one sentence? Would you inspire the world or would you say something funny to make everyone laugh? This is something I’m sure everyone has thought of at least once in their life. I took a walk around the school and I got the chance to talk to some teachers about this very interesting topic. 

Starting off with Ms. Boettcher who said, “Be who you are and not who people expect you to be.“ I absolutely agree with this statement as a lot of people want to impress others by not being themselves, which can lead to unhappiness.

I next talked to Mrs. Bosch and asked what she would tell the world. I knew she would give me a great answer and sure enough, she proudly said, “Pray without ceasing” (Thessalonians 5:17). This is a powerful message because it reminds us that we must spread and teach the word of God to others.

Mr. Bosch is sometimes a man of many words but on this occasion, not so much. “Love one another” is all he said. It is a simple statement yet very strong. We should be nice to everyone, even if we don’t know the other person. Treating others how you want to be treated is important because it sets a standard in society and is a rule everyone should learn to follow.

Ms. Swanson was the first teacher I thought of asking because not only is she my English teacher, but also a wise person in general. Her response is similar to something I would also say: “If you are not true to yourself, you will be true to no one.” I always tell people to not try and be the next Kanye West or Ariana Grande, but rather try and be yourself first.

Last but not least I spoke to Mr. Olley, who for me personally, has the best beard I’ve ever seen. Out of all of the teachers I talked to, his response is my favorite: “You may not have the ability to control everything, but you do have the ability to not let everything control you.” Life is gonna throw many challenges at you and you must be able to know that every bad thing in your life is gonna pass. You must understand that you must be able to control your feelings when life is testing you.

I’m extremely happy I got to speak with these amazing teachers and get deep, intelligent answers. This has been a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time, and I finally got the chance to ask the world what they would say. I think we all wish we could tell the world what we are thinking, but are too scared of being judged.