Nordic Interview


To gain more information about Nordic, I interviewed Senior Captain, Mary Furlong. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: Why should people join nordic?

A: It is a great sport to do with friends if you don’t want to work super hard. One of the best parts is that Nordic lets you go at your own pace. Plus Maplelag made some of my best high school memories.

Q: What is Nordic?

A: It is cross-country skiing. You race on skis against other schools. But one of the best parts is that it is a life sport that you can do later on in life.

Q: No tryouts?

A: There are no tryouts, when the sport begins our coach decides if you will be on varsity or JV but it is so easy to get moved up. It is less stressful this way!

Q: When is the first practice?

A: November 15th at 3:00 pm on the soccer field 

Q: Favorite part about Nordic?

A: Maplelag, we get to go spend a weekend up north starting in a nice cabin with just students. The food and cookies are amazing and there is a big hot tub and other activities. It is a great time for team bonding too

Q: What do you need for Nordic?

A: Well, fortunately, many old Nordic teammates left behind equipment so you don’t have to go out and buy things. You will need ski boots that are different from downhill ski boots. You also need cross-country skis, which are different from downhill skis. Warm clothes are also needed, but as long as you have layers you will be just fine.

Q: Who should you talk to if you want to join Nordic?

A: The girls’ captains are Kenzie Pavelka Mary Furlong. Luke Geadelmann and Grant Hayes are the guys’ captains. But we all practice together so anyone would be able to answer questions if needed.

Contact Information:

Kenzie: [email protected]

Mary: [email protected]

Luke: [email protected]

Grant: [email protected]