The Swim Team – Interview with a Swimmer


The swim team’s season has come to an end, and now we can hear about how it went from a fellow swimmer. Ellen Ries, who is a senior swimmer, was able to explain how swimming works, and discuss how the season went!


Q: How do the tryouts work?

A: “We don’t have any tryouts; everyone is welcome, and JV and varsity are decided based on our coach watching practices, and what he decides.”


Q: When does the season usually start?

A: “The season starts in mid-August and ends in mid-November.”


Q: Are you combined with other schools, if so who?

A: “We are combined with mound Westonka to make the mound Westonka Holy Family swim and dive team.”


Q: What does a typical swim meet look like?

A: “A swim meet has the same 12 events and a diving break. It is loud, splashy, humid, and lots of fun. Most swimmers will swim about 2 individual races and 2 relays.”


Q: Who’s your fastest swimmer?

A: “We don’t have the fastest swimmer because each race is different and requires different abilities. This said, both Catherine Dueck and I contributed many many points to the team this year.”


Q: How long does a meet usually last?

A: “Meets last about 2.5 hours.”


Q: How did sections go?

A: “Our sections went well, and we got a record number of girls from the team to state in individual races. The state meet went well as well and we scored 6th in the state, the highest our program has ever placed.”


Overall, they had an AMAZING season, and can’t wait to do it all again next year!