Boys’ Basketball Season


Basketball season is in full swing and the word excited would be an understatement to describe how we feel about this team!!

I got the chance to ask Holy Family Basketball captain, Boden Kapke, how he feels about the season. The first question I asked Mr. Kapke was how he felt about the team this season. This is his response: “I think we’re young but we can use our height to our advantage to play inside out.” As many of you know we have a new star in the building and his name is Judah Land. With him and Boden’s height and shooting range, we are in for a real treat this year.

I next asked Boden how this year is going to be different compared to years in the past. He replied, “I think this year is different because we have 5 different grades playing together and we’re all still figuring each other out but once the chemistry starts clicking, I think we can be a really good team.” As some of you know we have an 8th grader on the team this year, Will Kirsch. With a young squad and new names on this team, it will be a learning experience for many. Like Boden mentioned, there are 5 different grades on the team, which means no grades have an excuse to not show up for games unless you have a Mr. Walker test or are preparing for a presentation in Mr. Brown’s class.

Another question I had was, “What are you most excited about Boden?” He responded by saying, “I’m most excited to play in front of fans after last year where we didn’t have as many.” As many of you know sports teams were only allowed to have a limited amount of fans and every game last year. This meant the atmosphere wasn’t as vibrant as expected. However, this year with fans back in the mix we are in for some amazing crowds, dunks, and electrifying games!