Senior Year

Senior Year

I got the privilege to talk to a few seniors about how their senior year is different from previous years and what they are excited about in college. Senior year can be a fun but stressful time with trying to keep your grades up along with finding the right college. This is something I am definitely not excited about, but I know it is inevitable. I got various responses from the upperclassmen and here they are!

I talked to soccer and basketball star Austin Clifford about how he feels about college along with how senior year is special to other years. He replied, “This year the students, especially the seniors have been much more involved, and are more active in going to games! We have seen this support range from hockey games, basketball games, soccer games, and more!” I also asked Austin what he’s excited for in the future. He said, “I’m excited to meet new people, and have more free time in college.” I think this is something everyone can relate to, including me. Sorry Austin but I have got to move on to someone else.

I next talked to Juliana Escalante about how she felt about senior year and she gave me some interesting answers. “One of the main things I’ve noticed this year is that there’s a lot more stress. There’s so much pressure about your future and what your college plans are. I slacked a lot as a younger high schooler and ‘senior slack’ is STILL very prominent. Although I slacked a lot, sometimes the motivation is hard to find but it’s been really fun being able to connect with my counselor a lot more about schoolwork and college interests.” Many kids can relate to this especially in freshmen and sophomore years. Talking to your counselor can help a lot with planning your future. I recommend all students should go talk to their counselor at some point in their high school career.

Last but certainly not least, Abe Melek. The well-renowned strawberry blonde Mr. Melek talked about how senior year has been more unique than the last. He emphasizes how “everyone in the grade gets closer and talks to everyone.” Knowing his high school career is coming to an end, he wants to make the best of it while it lasts. As he goes into college he mentions how he is “looking forward to meeting new people.” He also says how he is excited to be on his own. College is a time to find yourself, grow in wisdom, and discover your passion.

When I was conducting this interview I had one thing in mind: What is something everyone has in common? Everyone mentioned how they are excited to meet new people and have their own free time in college. I am personally excited to see what the future holds for me, but it does make me nervous. I also think that that is part of the fun! I will be back with another article soon. Bye for now!