Sadie Hawkins Dance

Thanks to the Holy Family Seniors, the 2022 Sadie Hawkins dance was possible. Traditionally,  Sadies is a winter formal dance where girls ask guys to go to the dance. Most people ended up going with a group of their friends. The dance was held on February 19th and was located in the Holy Family Catholic High School Cafeteria. There were many decorations and the dance floor was lit with a fiery red and purple glow. Stationed by the entrance was Mr. Olley. He provided a happy smile while checking students in and opened the way to the dance floor. There was an abundance of people dancing, all the girls dressed up in cute dresses and guys in suits. The dance was a very enjoyable night for a lot of Holy Family Students. The room was alive with energy from the freshmen to the seniors. There were even some couples who brought their dates from a different school. Everyone at the dance was very welcoming and just excited to be there.