Class Retreats

Holy Family has a beautiful tradition of organizing class retreats for each class every year. It is amazing to have the opportunity to bond and get closer with each person in your grade. There is always someone you don’t know that well, and these retreats allow you to see and hear everyone. Also, most of these retreats are planned and led by the students! This advocate for developing skills in leadership and organization. For example, the freshman retreat is planned and led by Senior Campus Ministers. They use their class time to develop a fantastic itinerary for the freshman. This strengthens their bond and creates an opportunity to make new friends. The sophomore retreat is also led by seniors, not only Campus Ministers but also Holy Family Ambassadors. More seniors can get involved, and make a difference in people‚Äôs lives. The most unique retreat is the junior retreat because it is led by the Junior Holy Family Ambassadors. The juniors who lead know their class very well and create activities their grade would enjoy. Finally, the senior retreat is led by Mrs.Bosch and Mr.Dols. This is the most important retreat because it is the last big bonding experience with the people in your class. Along with it being the most emotional retreat, students bond in small and large groups. It is very emotional and sweet bringing students together one last time. I hope these retreats prosper and continue as they strengthen the bond of classes.