Album Review

WHO CARES? by Rex Orange County, whose real name is Alexander James O’Connor, is his 4th studio album. While WHO CARES? is comparatively different from O’Connor’s other albums, it also carries the same melodic, soft-rock sound that past albums have. The album contains poppy melodies and catchy lyrics. My personal favorite songs of this album are “OPEN A WINDOW” with Tyler the Creator, “AMAZING”, “ONE IN A MILLION”, and “WHO CARES?”. Overall the songs on this album are very catchy and blend together very well. This album is beautifully cohesive. However, the album was very repetitive. There isn’t really much to complain about with this album, but there is also nothing that is extraordinarily amazing. It is simply average. I give this album a 3 out of 5 stars. If you like any of Rex Orange County’s other albums, especially Pony, then this is definitely an album for you.