Disney; Generational Trauma

During the recent decade, Disney movie studios have amazed us all with the new approach towards films. The world has since related immensely to the message that the films interpret. The message in the films is strongly portrayed and the cultural approach is what makes the film a game-changer. Generational Trauma is strongest with cultures all around the world. Understanding how and where it sprouts from is a key to healing broken parts of ourselves. Much of our trauma is often overlooked and unnoticed. Relating to a movie where you can see the emotions of characters who are so close to you helps start the healing process. Our self-worth comes from within and learning to accept or move on from toxicity is imperial. Incredible additions to a long line of animated features that carry a deeper message. This is a list of some films that Disney has recently produced and directed that portray the truth behind Generational Trauma. 


This movie shows a strong, young independent woman who goes against what everyone else wants her to do in her future. She embarks on a journey to save her people. It portrays a person who is stronger than they believe.

Inside Out

This film gives us a view of our emotions and that it is ok not to know how you feel or to feel strongly. 


This movie shows a single-parent household and that a person who is alone can still be a strong person. It teaches forgiveness and acceptance of the past to move forward in the future. It shows Mexican culture and some traditions that impact them greatly. Most importantly the message is to be true to yourself no matter what, and hopefully, your family will come around and accept your passions and dreams.


This recent film has touched the hearts and souls of many all around the globe. Seeing a person of color is something that makes the film unique. The co-occurrence of systemic trauma and generational trauma, the pressure that comes from living up to impossible expectations, and the conclusion that the characters are worth more than their gifts give are just a few messages present in this movie. 

Turning Red

This is the newest Disney film that has been well received by young women all over. A young Asain girl, Mei-Mei, is learning how puberty affects her and her emotions. This film is about being yourself while enduring life and understanding your emotions. The movie portrays friends, bodies, and puberty in a realistic way. This film hits home to overcome the pressure to become the perfect daughter.