Tips for Teenagers with Jobs

As teenagers we have 8 hours of school, then after school activities as well. But, where do we get our money? Having a job in high school is a good way to save for college, but here are some tips that are useful when you are a high schooler getting a job.

Number 1: Make sure you have plenty of time during the week to get homework done. I would recommend only working 2 times a week during the school year, then when summer hits you can change your schedule if you desire.

Number 2: Look for a business near you so you don’t have to leave really early to get to work on time.

Number 3: Make friends with co-workers. These people are your lifeline when working. If you have a shift and you can not make it, your coworkers are more likely to cover you if they like you.

Number 4: I know that most people would rather do anything than work, and I am sure you do too, but think about the money you are making within just a few hours. That money can go towards college, a car, or whatever you desire. Also, they look great on college applications. Keep these in mind when looking for your first job.