Advice Column: How Do I Avoid Having Missing Assignments

Advice Column: How Do I Avoid Having Missing Assignments

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Question: How do I avoid having missing assignments?


Missing assignments are hard to avoid since we are assigned so many assignments every day. In order to get all my work in on time, I have a couple of tricks I have found to be very helpful. My first trick is staying organized. I make sure to write down or type out a list of everything that I have due in the next week. Also, when a teacher assigns something in class I make sure to write down the assignment and the due date right away on my hand so that I don’t forget. 


Another thing I do is I accomplish work as I go. I try not to leave things until the last minute. If I have work time in class or freetime after school, I try to complete as much as I am motivated to do, even if it’s not due for a couple days. By doing this, I avoid having to do three assignments the night before they are due. 


Many students also end up with missing work because they are confused about a concept, or how to do the assignment in general. To prevent confusion that will cause me to be unmotivated to do my work, I seek help. Teachers are always willing to help for as long as it takes so students can be successful.


Missing work can also build up if you miss school, even for a day. When this happens make sure you are in contact with your teachers and check Schoology frequently. If you are gone for medical reasons or for a long time, contact the school. Your teachers will help you adjust your workload so you are not overwhelmed. If I only miss a day, though, I make sure to finish the work I missed when I was gone and turn all assignments in as soon as possible. These tricks have helped me maintain my workload and avoid missing assignments. 



Veronica Jones