How Do I Pass Math Class

How do I pass math class?


I get it. Math can be difficult, even seemingly impossible sometimes.  Other students, however, can learn it, so you can, too.


  My first tip is grab an energy drink before going to class. This will keep you awake and get you ready for class. 


Next, I recommend paying attention in class at all times. As soon as your mind wanders off saying “This is so stupid” or “I don’t want to be here,” it’s up to you to snap yourself out of that mentality. Make sure you write down all the problems the teacher is teaching, so that you can go back and reference them later. 


Third, I recommend doing homework for the class. Many students take a glance at the homework, decide they don’t know how to do it, and end up not completing it. What I would encourage you to do is at least attempt the homework. Try to complete as much as you can, and in class the next day make sure you ask the teacher on specific problems you are confused on.


My last tip is to go in early/stay after school and get individual help from your teacher. Teachers are available all the time and encourage students to seek help.


Remember, you can learn math. Take responsibility for your education and do what you need to do to be successful.



Jane Clemson