SZA Album Review


SZA DID WHAT ON HER NEW ALBUM?  NOT CLICKBAIT!  After 5 years of waiting, sza finally released her second studio album “SOS” on December 9 at midnight.

“SOS” is a blend of R&B and rap, through which she unpacks all her held-in emotions. There is a strong focus on the issue of toxic relationships and how they affect a person’s self-esteem. It is in the lyrics of her songs that she delves deep into her emotions and takes the listener on a journey of heartbreak.

This album opens with “SOS.” In this song, sza talks about being codependent on her ex-partner because of a one-sided relationship, “When you’re gone, how can I even try to go on? When you’re gone, though I try, how can I carry on?”

This album contains many popular songs, including “Kill Bill.” During this song, Sza sings about getting over her backstabbing ex. Throughout these lyrics, she discusses how she is uncomfortable being alone “Rather be in jail than alone.”

Overall, I enjoyed this album, especially the lyrics and emotions she incorporated into it. The album is 5/5 stars in my opinion and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in good music.