Why students should care about clubs

Clubs are integral to student life. Being in a club allows one to meet people with the same interests and work on something meaningful to accomplish goals related to that interest. Working together on something is a straightforward way to meet people and make friends. Clubs aid in several aspects, such as helping students get into reputable colleges and universities, enhancing academic performance, improving mental health, fostering the growth of lifelong interests and passions, teaching valuable skills, and developing team and leadership skills. Participation in activities is not the same as being a member of an athletic team. Activities provide unique experiences.  

Most students stay active and participate in one of the 60+ extracurricular activities offered at HF. There is a wide range of groups, competitive academic teams, performance opportunities, and sports programs; however, there needs to be more  interest and participation regarding activities in the arts and academics, such as theater and Mock Trial or Math League. While our school has spirit and lots of pride in athletics, other clubs need to  gain the interest of students.

A few factors may contribute to a lack of active participation in extracurricular activities: (A) Schoolwork can be tiring, time-consuming, and stressful .Many students do not have the  time to explore other interests and activities. (B) Sports are the priority for many students at HF. (C) Some students want activities that are less demanding than classes. Consequently, the opportunities for exploration and growth are ignored. 

To be fair,  if a student excels at 1 or 2 activities, such as athletics, that has to be enough since a person cannot do everything. Those who have not found a passion, however, should take up an activity and enjoy one of the extracurriculars HF offers. There are some fantastic options! For students in grades 9 through 12, there is Knowledge Bowl. Teams of students participate in the written and oral stages of competition by responding to questions covering all subject areas. Students’ memory, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities are tested through questions. The team is even heading to state this year! If a courtroom is more your style, the High School Mock Trial Program of the Minnesota State Bar Association introduces students to the American legal system while offering a rewarding opportunity for personal development and success. Or, if you like to express yourself through the arts, in addition to a range of elective courses in the performing and visual arts, Holy Family also provides extracurricular opportunities in theater, music, art and photography clubs. 

Students who have not branched out should! It is always possible to try something new, and one of those tries might lead to a lifelong passion or hobby. Attending the initial meetings can be unfamiliar and even intimidating. Taking those first steps is crucial! Any club will offer a learning opportunity and, hopefully, a good one that will enhance your high school experience